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“Then tell Wind and Fire where to stop," returned madame; "but don't tell me.” - Charles Dickens


The Magic Begins
↳ 11: A character death you wish didn’t happen: Fred Weasley


A Song of Ice & Fire Meme

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He had a little pointed chin beard now, and threads of silver in his dark hair, though he was still shy of thirty. They went well with the silver mockingbird that fastened his cloak. Even as a child, he had always loved his silver.

     - Catelyn IV, AGOT

s h e ’ s  j u s t   a   g i r l   w i t h   s p i r i t ,   is   a l l .

               that’s always a  g o o d  thing.

Artist  UnknownDelta Rae    Title  UnknownBottom of the River    Album  UnknownCarry the Fire


There are days I prefer reading, not people.

Image: Lewis Morley, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 1958

To me, a wicked man who is also eloquent seems the most guilty of them all. He’ll cut your throat as bold as brass, because he knows he can dress up murder in handsome words.

Medea, from Euripides Medea (via myancientworld)


Château de Chenonceaux near the small village of Chenonceaux, France

National Geographic | June 1960


Woman Opening Parasol (printed 1887) - Eadweard Muybridge, photographer.